Mun Yi is an architectural designer and thinker based in Los Angeles.

I am interested in how form and aesthetics can radically shape space; I am passionate about strategic thinking. I have worked in a variety of media, including animation and film. My work is interdisciplinary.

I wish to work in a highly focused and energetic team, with deep personal conviction in its work. I would like to work in an office where strategy and branding are key considerations. It is important to me that projects are approached within the context of broader global trends.

I believe that every design problem is the result of complex relationships between multiple parties. Most of these problems can have no solution at all. I am willing to explore and unravel the messy tensions of every issue, articulating and giving spatial expression to them. This is my way of negotiating with the world.

I hold a B.A. Arch. (Hons.) from the National University of Singapore and studied abroad at ETH Zurich. I obtained my M. Arch. from SCI-Arc in 2016, graduating with distinction.

contact me

(+1) 213 290 8483